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Urugi (population slightly dwindling to 500) is one of the southernmost villages of Nagano Prefecture, It is located near Mt. Chausu, the highest area of Aichi Prefecture.

located near Mt. Chausu, the highest area of Aichi Prefecture. The village spreads in four directions within a valley 850 meters above sea level.

It is accessible by road only but is reachable within a two hour drive from Nagoya or Hamamatsu.

Nature is abundant as 88% percent of the village are covered by the Tenryū-Okumikawa Quasi-National Park forests of the in the Mt. Chausu plateau.


The making of wooden artifacts such as bowls and trays was once one of the main activities during the Edo period thus giving it its name “wood trading village”.

Yearly contributions were settled with wood instead of rice. Charcoal making was thriving until the early Showa era making Urugi a village that was fully dependent on wood.

The making of charcoal has regained interest as of lately.

Today, the village is mainly involved in agriculture. Due to its altitude and clean fresh water, high quality rice, corn, tomatoes, myoga and apples are being produced.

Rice is still hang-dried the traditional way after its harvest.

Villager elders occasionally gather for the production of charcoal in a traditional kiln. Smaller drum kilns are also available for the production of bamboo charcoal.

Overall, villagers maintain a traditional way of life, giving visitors a time-slip feeling.

Hot Spring

Natural mineral hot water is supplied from the center of the village to three bathing facilities, Komadori no Yu, Sasayuri So and Yuseikan.

Sightseeing spots
  • Mukaibara - Lotus pond
  • Takamori Yama - Stargazing platform
  • Marubata ravine & Oyako naturally formed pot hole
  • Iwakura Dam
  • Yamanami viewpoint
  • Mt. Chausu plateau & Atebidaira Kotori Forest trail
  • Minami Shinshu Michi no Eki (Road Station)
  • Ohashi’s Shop (General store)
  • Hiranoya’s shop (Local store)
  • Harumiya (Drug store & delivery)
Restaurants & Cafés
  • Urugi Ann (Japanese/udon)
  • Pole Pole (Organic & Vegetarian food)
  • Arigato (Rural izakaya)
  • Mirabelle (French bistro)
  • Nono Ann (café & tarot)
  • Takara’s Goats (milk & cheese)

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