Urugi International Center - UIC

Discover Southern Nagano – Deep Japan


The Urugi International Center (short UIC) is a 115+ years old traditional Japanese Alpine house (kominka) that once contributed to the production of silk.

As of 2017, after staying uninhabited for more than 10 years, partial renovation efforts made it usable again and gave it a new purpose.


Being given the name Urugi International Center, the intention is to use the UIC as a cultural center welcoming local and international guests, promoting cultural exchange engagements, and to tangibly increase awareness of traditional houses, local culture & history, all in a “Deep Japan” environment.

About Alexander NISER, Manager of the UIC,
and your Homestay Host & Sightseeing Guide

Alex lives in Japan since 2001 and moved from Aichi prefecture to Urugi, Nagano Prefecture in 2017. He currently manages the UIC where he runs outdoor experience programs for students who want to (re)connect with nature. Alex is looking forward welcoming visitors from all over the world who seek a tangible Deep Japan experience.

Come and see for yourself what Urugi has to offer.

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